Books which are hardly to get.

Nihongo ha koko (In Japanese)

This list is my recommended books for mathematics, science and computer.

Explanatory notes:

example works


Don Cohen
Changing Shapes with Matrices
I've read this in Japanese (Don Cohen and Noriko Arai).
Kimura, Yoshio
Daigaku ichinensei no tameno omosiro senkeisuugaku (interesting linear system for freshman) Do you know the meaning of eigenvalue or the meaning of matrix? This book describes these things.
Transnational college of lex: Hippo family club
Fourier no bouken.(The adventure of Fourier) I know why the first term of Fourier transfer has '1/2'a0 from this book. There is a English version, ``Who Is Fourier? : A Mathematical Adventure'' by Transnational College of LEX ISBN: 0964350408
Martin Gardner
Aha. Ambidextrous Universe. Even Feynman was glad to read these books.
Hayashi, Susumu
Kobari, Akihiro
Mathematics books (In Japanese)
Shiga, Kouji
Mathematics books (In Japanese)
Nozaki, Akihiro
Mathematics books (In Japanese)
Paul Hoffman
Archimedes' Revenge: This is a great book. It is somehow dangerous book because this book might be able to change my life.
The man who loved only numbers: This is also recommended.
Douglas R. Hofstadter
G\"ODEL, ESCHER, BACH: an Eternal Golden Braid
What a wonderful book! I can not believe that a human can write such a fantastic book.
Tooyama, Hiraku
Mathematics books (In Japanese)


Asari, Yoshitoo
Manga Saiensu (science in cartoon) If many of primary students read his books, I think there is no worry about decreasing scientist.
R.P. Feynmann, Ralph Leighton, Christopher Sykes
Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynmann! The Feynman Lectures on Physics and more... All books are recommended. If you want to hear his voice, you can get Six easy pieces and Feynman's lost lecture. If there are other his CD, please inform me. 'The whole universe is in a glass of wine..'
J. Gleick
Genus, Chaos
Brian Green
The elegant universe.
On Being a scientist : Responsible conduct in research
Ikeda, Mitsuo and Ashizawa, Shouko
Why can we see the colors? : written in japanese `Doushite iroha mieru noka?'
Steven M. Casey
Set phasers on stun: and other true tales of design, technology, and human error
Donald A. Norman
Psychology of everyday thing
William Poundstone
The recursive universe. Computer scientists always thinks 'what is computation?'. You can catch a glimpse about the question from this book.
Carl J. Sindermann
`Winning the Games Scientists play,' `Survival Strategies for new scientists. '
Steven M. Casey
Set Phasers on Stun. And other true tales of design, technology, and human error


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There are many good books, it might be a lot of. I could not put them all. It is a bit in detailed, but how to start with this page.

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