To the man who hit me, I have a job offer for you.

I am looking for a man who hit me (and sent me to an emergency room) and ran away on Ku'damm at 5.9.2013, 0.40. I refer him as you from here. You told me you hate foreigners. I have a job offer if you willing to save Germany's (and all of the world) future. I could give you a job. Although this is a mini job, that's only I can offer. The job is creating learning materials for mainly children but not limited to. I believe the education is the key of the future for everyone, but some people could not learn even they wanted. Our project is providing the world class education material for everyone, everywhere, for free. You can join us. It is voluntarily, but I can pay you if you work as my assistant.

This is one of a chance you can take. If you are willing to save the world, I suggest non destruction, but a construction way. Join us. We believe we can change the world better. It will be slow and painful, but worth to try it out. But, you must be good at both English and German writing. Will you fight with us against more tough problem, or will you stay just one of foreigner haters and nothing but curse others rest of your life? This world is still a bit dark, burn your soul and light the world. You need to stop to hate others if you want to have this job.

Hitoshi is looking for you.

Join me if you have a heart, but don't know what to do.

My email address is: X = 92 + 20, hito${X} _at_

If you fit the both condition, then my email filter forewards your email to my real email address. Don't forget the keyword, otherwise I don't see your email at all.

I also thank to...

I also thank to the people who helped me. It seems your number has mistakes. Please contact me if you saw this with your name is in the email subject. At least I would like to say thank you again.