Massively Parallel Image system for Multi-Pass Image synthesis methods.

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Recently, photo-realistic image synthesis is widely used in many applications like below areas.

Most of photo-realistic image synthesis methods are partially or fully derived from the rendering equation. There are two main algorithms to solve the rendering equation: Radiosity and Rat-tracing. However, neither standard radiosity nor standard ray-tracing can treat diffuse and specular global illumination simultaneously. To overcome this limitation, the multi-pass rendering method is proposed, which integrates the radiosity and ray-tracing models.

Even though the multi-pass rendering method can generate very high quality images, the drawback of the method is its time-consuming feature. We must solve this problem before the multi-pass rendering method becomes a useful tool for users.

Recent progress in VLSI technology provides high speed microprocessors at relatively low cost. Therefore, it is quite natural to incorporate parallel processing into the solutions of computationally expensive problems.

This page introduces one implementation of our proposed parallel processing approach. That is based on object-space parallel processing model. We proposed some static load balancing schemes and that is also implemented.

Sample images created by mpi2

All images are rendered by mpi2.

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