An announcement of discontinuing this page maintenance.

Since 1999, I have maintained this page for 14 years. I developed a simple time-line visualizer as you seen in this page. I find it useful to plan my paper submission.

However, in 2006, I left academia and now I found my interests in other areas: Education(1),(2), Linear algebra and so on. I am more interested in the basics instead of the state of the art technology. The conferences has less position in my life. So I discontinue this page maintenance.

Although, I miss the people who do research. Meeting these people gave me amazing experiences. If I only read their result in their paper, it is never the same. Therefore, I maintained this page recent three years even I did not attend any conferences. Also the Max-Planck institute gave me the generous extension of my account to access to the web server.

This time, my account will be no longer valid at the end of February, 2013. I think this is the good time to move on.

All the software I developed is in the public repository. The license is new BSD, therefore, in case anyone wants to continue to maintain a similar page, there should be no problem.

Thank you for the long time support of this page.

2013-2-12, Berlin,

Hitoshi Yamauchi

Computer Graphics (CG) Conference Schedule

Schedule Table (Image Version)(Text version)

schedule table (image version)

EG2013 VISIGRAPP2013 IVAPP2013 VISAPP2013 EuroVis2013 GI2013 CASA2013 CGI2013 3DOR2013 EGPGV2013 3IA2013 Web3D13 WSCG2013 EuroVA12 3DV2013 ISVC'13 This conference schedule table is generated by draw_conf_schedule.rb


ex. papers due (ISO 8601 format: YYYY-MM-DD): description

Last time's submission deadline

These conferences of this year have already closed, and next year's information is not available currently. However, I want to know the expected deadline. This information might be helpful. I keep recent three years old conference information.