Qt Tips (memo)

What is Qt?

Qt is a trolltech's software products. It is the multi-platform, C++ Graphical User Interfaces toolkit. Supported platforms are:

Compiling with tmk.

tmk is a make program with programming ability by Tcl language. There is qt compiling module which is aware of qt moc compiler and qt environment.

Flushing a image tip.

When you calculate a heavy stuff, and you want to visualize it on a 2D image, this tip may help you.

Qt4's moc bug patch. 2006-12-16(Sat)

Trolltech has answered this isuue to me and was fixed 2006-12-18's snapshot. So, if you can upgrade it, it should be no problem. (I currently has not time to check that.)

The new Qt4's moc uses static_cast, reinterpret_cast, and const_cast instead of C style cast by Qt3's moc. I think this is an improvement. However, the code src/tools/moc/generater.cpp did not consider the C++ Digraph, which is (I believe) a pitfall to mock the C++ users. Therefore, the moc is mocked by this ISO/IEC 9899-1999, Programming Languages - C standard.

Tested environment


I do not know well, but something about Qt4.

Layout tips. setMinimumSize() does not change the layout->minimulSize()

Reading source code tips.

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