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Emacs Lisp Tips or small functions

I want to know about emacs, how can I start?

There are many way to do that.

I do not know how to use *.el files. Give me a hint?

I want to jump .C file to .hh file or vise versa.

Next small program may help you. changeh2c.el

Setting up:

I want to count the words and characters in my region.

Next small program may help you. wc.el

Setting up:

Can I do where(csh)/type(sh) command for emacs lisp program? I want to get the elisp path.

Next small program may help you. where.el

Setting up:

I want to replace the Japanese-Zenkaku numbers to ASCII all.

Next small program may help you. replace-zen-to-ascii-region.el

Setting up:

Japanese XEmacs can not get rid of Japanese menu. LANG=C makes the menu invisible.

Around app-defaults directory, ja/Emacs or something similar file exists. Usually, this Xresource file is read according to LANG or LC_ALL. However, some (Japanese) distribution seems hard coded this environment variable somewhere. In such case, you can put LANG as de or fr, if you are OK. Or, change the Xdefaults according to this app-defaults file.

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