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Instruction for seeing Japanese DVD

Yamauchi Hitoshi

This paper shows some menu items which are usually shown up in Japanese DVD disk.

The pity thing is that even if a Japanese DVD has several languages (speaking/subtitles), the menu is written in only Japanese. Even Ghibli's disks are so.

In German DVD, all languages are written its ORIGINAL language and English/German. That's very convenient for me. So, I hope these tables help you. These examples are shown up in Mononoke Hime DVD disk by Ghibli.

表 1: DVD menu items in Japanese
In English In Japanese
Main menu メインメニュー
Play the movie 本編再生
Chapter selection チャプター / シーン
Language (speaking) 音声
Subtitle 字幕
Information お知らせ
Special 特典

表 2: Language names in Japanese
In English In Japanese
Japanese 日本語
English 英語
French フランス語
Cantonese 広東語
German ドイツ語
Italian イタリア語
Spanish スペイン語
Portuguese ポルトガル語

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Yamauchi Hitoshi 平成14年12月4日